Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have been thinking about my dad a lot and how simply he lived his life. He was always bringing things back from the beach,"Say look at this rock, it looks just like a whale jaw, but see, it is made of stone!" In this way, I was introduced to fossilized seal bones, teeth... eardrums of whales... One time he found a huge shark vertabrae disc on the beach near our summer home at Dares Beach, Md. "Yeah dad," I said, "That is from the Miocene epoch 10-25 million years old..." He replied, "Yep, I bet it is at least five hundred years old, see how it is worn? Well, I 'll be darned. That's really something."


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There is a book titled
"Shell Game: a true account of beads and money in Norht America" by Jerry Martien.

I read it because of my interest in "Wampum".

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