Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am playing with a book form model, using some of the ideas that have come from the original watercolors of the shells and the subsequent flopping books. I am thinking to have them printed in a less precious way that retains the luminosity of the watercolors and allows them to be handled and sold for a reasonable price. There is also the issue of the bindings. In the past, I have worked in sort of traditional Japanese style sewn and open Korean bindings that are from a different part of my practice. They seem too neat/complicated/crafty and they do not seem suited to my eye for the shells. The inside outside books I did in the 90's used a cover that simulated the rough exterior of the shells and opened to smooth fields of color... There may be some thing lurking in my brain that knows or is already present in collage contructions, somewhere in the pile of stuff in the studio, but this week is the student show at school, the anniversary of my dad's death and well... Maybe after the fog lifts.. Things will clear up and I will know what is possible. And I am getting a cold.. An edgy chill thing that may bring me down at any moment.

cascade books, mounted on a wall with push pins. the wall is oyster green , so that is why it looks emm.. green ish.